The Aura (remake)

Directed By James Marsh

Written By James Marsh and Dave Dilley

Produced By Zack Winfield, Ado Yoshizaki & Ollie Madden (Kudos Pictures)

Presented by NDF Productions / Kudos Pictures / Film 4

Clarke is an introverted taxidermist who dreams of executing the perfect robbery. On his first ever hunting trip, in the calm of the Midwestern forest, he accidentally kills a man who turns out to be a real criminal, and becomes heir to his scheme: the heist of an armoured van carrying casino profits. Caught up in a world of complex rules and frightening violence, Clarke's inexperience puts him in real danger. However, he has another liability: he is an epileptic. Before each unexpected seizure he experiences the "aura": a paradoxical moment of confusion and enlightenment.

Originally written and directed by Fabian Bielinsky we are proud to honour his wish to have this wonderful film remade for an English-speaking audience.

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