In 2005 Tough Monkey Music travelled to Havana to record an original album with Norman Cook, Rich File, Guy Sigsworth, Marius DeVries, Jan Kybert and Poet Name Life.

TMM oversaw the project from both a creative and production point of view, organising travel, recordings, negotiating artist deals, international studio bookings and talent - a complete production service.

Revolution the album is a cultural experiment, political in its ethos, philosophy, and execution - a Revolution in music. What would happen if 6 of the worlds most respected contemporary Producers travelled to Cuba and recorded tracks with Cuban musicians – world-renowned for their incredible musicianship - exchanging ideas of rhythm, melody, language, production, arrangement, delivery, performance and musicality?

At times brooding and sinister, at other times joyful and energizing - an album that is continuously innovative, breathtaking and genre-defining.


Project Update: In 2010 Rich File’s ‘In Time’ was licensed to HBO for the closing titles of Michael Mann’s “LUCK”

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