(a.k.a. Arritmia)

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After a violent storm, Ali awakens on a deserted beach, sick and disoriented. They'll be looking for him and he must keep moving. Ivan, a local Cuban, takes Ali to the apartment of his sister Manuela, a dancer in Havana. At first, she is apprehensive to take in this tormented stranger, but she relents as she feels drawn to this mysterious person who has shown up on her door step.

Ali is haunted by nightmares, which bring him to the horror of the interrogation room at Guantanamo, and by startling visions linking his past and his present life. But are these nightmares flash backs to his experiences in the prison or just dreams of a tortured soul?

Written and Directed by Vicente Peñarrocha
Written by Phillip Palmer
Produced by Michiyo Yoshizaki
Associate Producers Ado Yoshizaki / Zack Winfield

Starring Derek Jacobi, Rupert Evans, Natalia Verbeke

produced with NDF International